Meet The Hosts


This young man is extremely quiet. Don’t worry, he’s just thinking about how to get all the money in. Joffrey enjoys playing piano, composing music, solving puzzles, cuddling with his dog, and talking about poker. His taste in music is somewhat stuck in the late 1800s. So if he hasn’t heard “that song” it’s not because he doesn’t care. It’s simply because he’s stuck under a rock somewhere. Joffrey also enjoys being on air, and saying your table name. After all, your table name is the best one to say on air.


On a specific night back in 2002, Gina’s brother, a firefighter, needed another player for their poker game. This game was the beginning of something Gina’s brother wished he had never created. Today, Gina enjoys activities such as taking your chips, flopping quads, and moving into your house that’s now hers after that nasty river card. This shark was born and raised in Monmouth County, NJ, and now resides in Charleston, SC. Her daughter Ava is her life. They love hanging out together, as Gina takes your money. Due to a lack of casinos within reasonable travelling distance, Gina can be found on the virtual felt as either Gina821 or AvasMom.


ScBig  has been playing poker for almost 30 years and been vocal talent for just as long.  Currently President and Principal Auctioneer for his own Auction Firm in Massachusetts.  ScBig is the only known  Conservative, Vegetarian, Poker-playing,   Cat-loving, Married, Deadhead, Poker Radio Host in America.


Born and raised in East Tennessee, Joey loves living in the south, the great outdoors, and  being out on the lake. Ya know what they say – “Any bad day fishing is better than any day at work.” Unfortunately, due to some major back issues, and after a few surgeries, Joey is disabled and unable to work, or enjoy the outdoors as much as he likes to, so he enjoys playing cards and meeting new people. Along the way he has met a lot of great friends that have become his family, and he loves them all. It’s not always about the poker, but also meeting some pretty amazing people.


Scarecrow is our Georgia Entrepreneur.  Don’t let the straw fool you. Crow has cashed in the 3 WSOP Circuit events that he has played.  He is always a threat in any online game you may find him in.  He likes to work without a net, whether while on the air or while getting  high (on a ladder)


Hitting the airwaves from Sweet Home Chicago, Nizz is RFR’s resident retired gendarme.  He loves playing poker and has been learning the game for about eleven years.  Nizz also loves to fish and bowl and cook up a storm.  Rumor has it that Nizzi’s bark is worse than his bite.


Gunner has been playing poker for 20 years and still manages to enjoy losing his money. Member of the RFR Motorsports Crew. General mischief-maker and all-around Masshole.


DJ was born a redneck, Masshole. He is a proud father of seven, with a beautiful wife. He enjoys carpentry, building racecars, being a crew chief for his son, and playing poker.