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A Note from Kymmers

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Welcome to a new and fresh site for Royal Flush Radio!

As most of you already know, I have been involved in Royal Flush Radio since its inception. Three years ago, I along with several other people began our journey in the social media / poker website arena. We think for the most part Royal Flush has been successful, although many of us knew that there was a LOT more to offer our audience / members. Recently, I approached the original owner whom some of you have met, Joffrey Gaetz, and made him an offer to purchase Royal Flush Radio.

I am extremely excited to announce to all of you, I have officially taken over as the owner of Royal Flush Radio LLC! I have some fresh ideas that will hopefully make Royal Flush Radio THE place that people will gather to have some fun while playing online games.

3rd Year Anniversary Celebration

join us on May 2nd, 2020 @ 9:00PM EST to play in the ROYAL FLUSH RADIO 3rd Anniversary NLHE 9-max game at ACR, and maybe even some of the Stormers would be willing to put a bounty on themselves to help make this game a huge success.

The game is a $500.00 GTD with a $5.50 buy in for 10,000 chips. Blinds will be 7 minutes long, and ONE re-buy ($5.00)+ an add-on ($5.00) before late registration is over is allowed for 10,000 more chips.

We’ll be streaming the game on the RFR twitch channel, Kymmers66 twitch channel, and the Royal Flush radio broadcast. Anyone is welcome to join us and help support Royal Flush Radio.

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